What to do if Your Mouse Freezes

Did you know that if your mouse freezes, you can still close the program you are in and shut down Windows correctly? Here are a few keyboard combinations that will get you around in Windows without a mouse:

1. The <Alt> and F4 keys at the same time will close the program running in the foreground. You can do this until you get to the screen that asks if you want to shut down.

2. The <Alt> and the S keys will get you to the “Start” menu. Then you can use your arrow keys to move around the menu.

3. <Ctrl><Alt> and <Delete> keys together will bring up a task manager screen at which point you can choose to shut down.

4. <Alt> and <Tab> will toggle you through all the programs you have open in Windows.

5. Any letter that is underlined in a word can be used together with the <Alt> key to do that command. For example, in Microsoft Word, File in the menu has the F underlined. If you hold down the <Alt> key and then the F, the file menu opens.