Organizations with multiple computers or multiple offices experience a significant cost savings from the use of a computer network. A network allows you to share printers, files, and access the Internet with ease. But in order to enjoy the benefit of a computer network, you need one that is well designed, secure, reliable, and fast enough for your needs. Relia-Tech installs, supports, and upgrades networks that do all these things.

Network design and installation

  • Maintenance and support of networks and servers
  • Upgrades and expansions to existing networks
  • Integration of network with Internet service
  • Network and phone cabling services

Design and Installation

The proper functioning of a network depends on a number of factors related to its design and installation. We work with your staff to identify your needs and then design the network accordingly. Prior to on-site installation, we test and configure the network (testing cables, routers and switches) in our office. This ensures proper operation before we come on site and minimizes the disruption of your daily routine.

  • Identification of your network needs
  • Custom-designed network to fit your organization
  • Off-site testing reduces errors, delays and down time

Network Maintenance and Support

Networks are composed of a complicated assortment of firewalls, routers, switches, and cables. These components can break down or stop working without warning. When that happens, you can rely on experienced professionals from Relia-Tech to help solve your problem.

  • Routine network testing to ensure proper operation.
  • Problem diagnosis and repair.
  • Fast replacement of firewalls, routers, switches, and cables.

Upgrades and Expansion

You’ve just hired new staff or a group of new employees. Maybe you’re moving into a new office and need to transfer everything you have – including your computers and network – to that site. Or maybe you want to open a new branch office and connect it seamlessly to the main location. Whatever the situation, chances are you’ll need to upgrade or expand your network at some point, and it’s best to rely on professionals to get the job done right. At Relia-Tech, we use our years of network design and maintenance experience to upgrade or expand your network, so you can be sure it’s done right the first time.

  • Expansion of existing networks to add new computers or printers.
  • Network upgrades for enhanced performance.
  • Integration of existing networks with servers and Internet services.
  • Connectivity for new or multiple sites.

Internet Integration

Our expert staff will work to get your entire office online and provide secure Internet access through your existing service provider or work with a variety of providers to find the service right for your situation.

Cabling Services

We work closely with professional cabling companies that we trust and do the job right the first time.

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