*As a small business, the thing we appreciate most about Relia-Tech is that they are there when we need them.  They value our business and treat us accordingly.
Edward Urquhart Maerkischeswerk of North America, Inc.

*Thank you, Relia-Tech – you’re always there when we need you.  Whether it’s been helping with a minor problem on a stand-alone desktop or installing and configuring our network, you always give us prompt, quality service.  We appreciate that you always explain what our computer problems are and give us various options to choose in how to correct them.  At my company, everyone has authority to contact Relia-Tech whenever we have a problem.  I know that the problem will be solved in as short a time as possible and at reasonable prices. Thanks again for helping us get to where we are today.
Greg Hughes, CPA Romito, Tomasetti & Associates, CPA

*The Remote Administration service offered by Relia-Tech has been so far my best justified computer expense for the past year. I’ve been able to use the service few times and it’s so convenient and time efficient that I would strongly recommend it to any small & medium size office environment.
Luis Rondon Controller Bankers Capital

*To Whom it May Concern, Relia-Tech has proven to be an indispensable vendor in terms of computer crisis management.  A few months ago our company purchased an upgrade to our accounting software.  Unfortunately, this upgrade was not “bug” free at time of release and has reeked a bit of havoc with our network.  Our company is small and we do not have the resources to employee a full-time MIS person.  The errors and problems created by this new but necessary upgrade were causing many frustrations among our employees and the potential for data loss.  I expressed these concerns to Relia-Tech and they have held our hands so to speak over the last few months.  First they strongly suggested the use of tape back ups on the server to ensure we retain our data on a source other than hard drives should anything happen with the somewhat faulty software or the PC’s in our office in general.  When issues arise I have several Relia-Tech employees whom I can contact to help me either by scheduling an on site visit or, if an emergency, someone whom will walk me through steps I can try on my own.  Also, as the upgrade presented more problems than we had encountered in the past, Relia-Tech presented me with the idea of “remote administration.”  Relia-Tech explained that this was fancy computer speak for “we can monitor and work on your server from our office.”  Indeed this has proven most helpful, as many fixes have been handled without involving a trip to our office at all!  Besides having great confidence in Relia-Tech employees’ skills, each member of the Relia-Tech team has been gracious and professional – sometimes a rarity in the computer business!   I am thankful to have found them.
Lee Gagnon UltraClenz Corporation

*Relia-Tech is always very responsive … when a problem arises, support is immediate. They are always just a phone call away.
Melody Friedman JP Advertising, Inc.

*Relia-Tech has been our hardware and software Solutions Provider since 1996.  In this fast-paced age of technological advances, we as a corporation have found it invaluable to have a relationship with a knowledgeable and flexible consultant like Andy Sakellarios.  We plan on indefinitely using the services of Relia-Tech for phone support as well as in-house consultations.  With no reservations, we endorse the services of Andy and Relia-Tech.
Susan Teixeira Advanced Water Quality Systems

*Thanks again for responding so promptly and efficiently to my latest computer meltdown. Given the need for your services I have never been able to determine how your group responds so quickly to all your customer’s needs. However, it seems that whenever I have needed you over the past 8 years you have made yourself readily available. Additionally, you have never been unable to solve my problem and have frequently arranged to pick up and return my computer. You provide a wonderful service and are welcome to use me as a reference at any time.
Mark J. Shankman, M.D. Medical Director Urgent Care Services Newton-Wellesley Hospital

*When the going gets tough in the office, Relia-Tech really gets going.  That is the best I can say for yesterday’s extraordinary personal service and attention.  You surely reflect Best Practice when it comes to customer service and relationship management.  Thanks
Mark H. Rodman Beverage Distribution Consultants

*Finally someone was able to help! As I told you, my computer had a start-up problem–it wouldn’t start.  After two weeks of advice from many “experts” and trying numerous floppy’s with various “fixes,” I was ready to give up on my computer.   A friend recommended Relia-Tech and when you and I spoke you said “Before we see the computer, try this.” I typed the two lines of commands that you gave me and the computer began to re-set itself.  Twenty minutes later it was in perfect operating order. You have won me over and I’ll gladly recommend your company to those in need of real computer expertise.
Charles S. (Chick) Weiss, Ph.D.

*I have known Andy for many years and can attest to his good sense of humor and unwavering integrity. He is an extraordinary individual who continually extends himself to others. As a business owner I can think of no other person to entrust with our technology needs and challenges. For several years now Andy and his team at Relia-Tech have worked with Winbrook to provide timely and dependable results that enable us to do business better. I would recommend both Andy and his company to anyone looking for a trusted technology partner and innovative solutions.
Chip Lattanzio, Executive Vice President Winbrook Associates

*When I owned my prior business, I hired Andy several times to help with various IT support needs. From effectively handling repair issues, to conducting a smooth upgrade to a new computer and operating system, Andy is top notch. He is pleasant, prompt and professional: a consummate expert at troubleshooting and fixing computer issues. I happily recommend him highly.
Chris Vasiliadis, Certified Wellness Coach Priority Wellness

*We hired Andy and his firm in 1997 to help us coordinate our system needs. He’s always been very responsive, and has demonstrated expertise in both hardware and software setup. He and his team have kept up with changes in technology, and they deliver a great combination of knowledge and value. I would not hesitate to recommend he and his team.
Chris Wyrtzen, Managing Director (EBS-Boston) Executive Benefits Solutions

*Andy Sakellarios and his company Relia-Tech, Inc. have been providing me and my  business with outstanding IT service for many years. He’s trustworthy, personable and has solved every computer problem I’ve had with great efficiency.  It’s comforting to know that I have an IT consultant I can rely on whenever I have any computer problems, and I can’t emphasize enough how important that is  for a business owner. I know that I don’t have to worry about that aspect of my business since Andy is just a phone call away.
John Lampiris John Lampiris, CPA

*Andy is the go to guy with any network problems. He always has the answer. He is very intelligent and a very hard worker. He leads a great team that are highly trained and are pleasant to work with. I highly recommend Andy and his team!!!
Julie Butler JMB  Bookkeeping and Accounting Services

*Relia-Tech, and Andy in particular, provides top notch IT support and services. We hired Andy to set up and maintain a network and MS Exchange server for our small consulting firm. Andy’s work was professional, on-time, of the highest quality, and a great value. He never tried to sell us anything we did not need, and always offered the most cost-effective solutions. His ongoing support and maintenance of our IT system was always highly responsive, fast, and un-intrusive. I highly recommend Andy and his company for any IT support, consulting, and network services.
Ken Sawka, Managing Partner Outward Insights, LLC

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